What about a jazzy night in Paris?

When we think about Paris, we don't immediatly think about Jazz clubs. However, in the capital at least 5 jazz clubs are wiating for you!

Among others...:

  • Le Duc des Lombards - 42 rue des Lombards - 1st district : One of the main jazz clubs in Paris where most of the greatests international and french musicians have played in this intimate atmosphere
  • Le New Morning - 7/9 Rue des Petites Ecruies - 10th district : It is not blindingly obvious that a Jazz club with great acoustic  is hiding here at the end of this strange corridor covered in posters and graffitis but Nina Simone and Chet Baker have played here!
  • Le Caveau de la Huchette - 5 Rue de la Huchette - 5th district - Latin quarter : The historic one. After WWII, Jazz flew the nest in differents caves of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and in the Latin Quarter. The first music notes of swing were heard in Le Caveau. Since then, many dancers, saxophonists and jazz bands have played here.

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