Gay Pride celebration is coming back!

The Gay Pride is celebrating the liberation of morals about the sexual preferences.

Let's talk about history; this event takes place in 1969 with riots of Stonewall in New York. In the puritan America of that time, rise a general counterculture and more specificly against the Vietnam war. In this atmosphere, two months before the Woodstock manifestation on June 1969 28th, riots takes place at the Stonewall Inn. This bar is own by the mafia in Greenwich Village. These riots were because of an arbitrary police control. The riots will go on many days. Since then, the LGBT community will organize itself to defend their rights and have places to live in quietly. After the Stonewall riots, manifestations saw the day here and there in the world. Brenda Howard, bisexual, considered as the Mother of the Pride, first organized the anniversary of the riots one month after, then, she organized it to celebrate the year on 1970 june 28th. In Europe, it’s in 1972 april 28th that 200 persons gathered to comemorate the Stonwall riots in Münster, Germany. Today, the Gay Pride is worldwide celebrated in different countries.

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